All about Jesus our Lord

God bless you on this page we will talk more about Jesus.
I had a conversation with a gentleman this evening.
He wanted to try and say that Jesus was not the only true way.
The Bible says, Jesus is the lite of the world.
It also states, that,
no man can come to the father,
Which is God,
except he come by the son, which is Jesus.
If you try and believe in any other way,
The Bible says, you are not of God.
In St. John 3: 16 it states,
"For God so loved the world.
That he gave his only begotten son,
That whosoever believeth in him,
should not perish,
but have everlasting life."
Learn of Jesus today.
Time is not long.
Let's get it right,
so that we will not be lost.
Thanks to that gentleman,
It makes me really want to run on and proclaim,
the great news of Jesus the Christ of Nazereth.
Jesus is Lord.
There is no other name but the name of Jesus,
that will save you.
Islam can't do it.
Buddhism can't do it.
Hindewism can't do it.
It's just Jesus the Christ,
of Nazereth, who died for you.

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