God bless you and thanks for visiting this page.
This page is devoted, to pay tribute, to one of the greatest human beings, in world history.
None other than the late, great Mother Rosa Parks.
She was a great woman who had a goal set in life, from God.
She lived down here, on God's great earth, 1913, to 2005.
She was the mother of the civil rights movement, which was born in 1955,
after she refused to give up her seat in the frunt of a bus in Mont gummery Al., to a white man.
Mother Parks will definitely be missed, because without her courage, and determination,
This country would not have come as far as it has.
For more tribute to Mother Rosa Parks, click the link below.
More on Mother Rosa Parks, by Marcus Jones
May God bless the family and the memory of the great late Mother Rosa Parks.

To hear sister Aritha Franklin sing at the home going celebration of Mother Rosa Parks,
click the link below, and enjoy, her version of The Impossible Dream.
Click here to listen to Aritha Franklin sing The Impossible Dream


Father God in the name of Jesus the Christ of Nazereth,
Thank you oh God, for giving us Mother Rosa Parks.
Thank you for her determination, and her faith.
Oh God, while we hate to see her leave,
we know she has earned a place with you,
where she can take her rest forever.
Bless her family and all that knew her.
Thank you god for her being here, for 92 years.
We, know you told her,
You've been faithful over a few things, but servant,
come on up, a little higher.
Touch your people every where,
in the mighty name of Jesus I pray,
praise your holy name, amen. Back to Homepage Follow @getchopraiseon Tweet

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